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Jeon's Korean Martial Arts is different because of our emphasis on the individual student's personal growth. We teach authentic Korean traditional martial arts of TaeKwonDo and HapKiDo to deliver life skills that help our students become more successful in all aspects of their lives through the benefits of focus, discipline, respect, and confidence.  Based on a solid foundation under the leadership of Grand Master Jae D. Jeon, you will find our school one of the best in South Florida.  If you'd like to see it in action, feel free to come watch a class.

"When I sent my daughter off to TaeKwonDo After School Program, she LOVED it from day one!  The friends, the fun – she grew so much over the 3 years.  Now I joined the greatest HapKiDo adult team, and I have lost weight and gained my confidence and feel great!  Thanks to Grand Master Jae and Master Grace for making such an impact in our lives ."

Francis S.


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"Coming from an experienced martial artist of many years, I have been searching for the ideal school that I could continue my martial arts journey at the age of 49.  I finally found Jeon's Korean Martial Arts which met all the attributes I was searching for: History of successful operations, art with high levels of combined techniques of mixed martial arts, high quality martial arts instruction of a Master, and a school that is backed by well respected organizations.  To my knowledge, there are no other Grandmasters like GM Jae in South Florida.  Jeon's Korean Martial Arts is not just a place of training for me, it is a home away from home and an extension of my family."

Richard G.

Hapkido is a martial art making circle movements pivoted on a point. 
It is composed of three principles.  

1. The principle of circling  

The movements of hapkido pursuit curved line than straight. 
When the streams of movements are centred on and made by you, just like the core of a typhoon spouts swirls, the movements of hapkido attain the highest perfection.

 It is very moderate to your body and you feel your body extremely soft. The lower the movements of hapkido are pivoted, the more you are at ease and have control. This is a very characteristic movement of hapkido, which corresponds to the stream of the nature.

2. The principle of back-current

The force and energy (ki) of men have a tendency to stream always in one direction.
It is really difficult to change this stream to your desired direction without opposing his force and energy. 
The principle of back-current is changing the movements of your opponent into your direction without going against his force and energy.

3. The principle of heart-harmony

The universe turns without ceasing pivoted on a central point. This circling movement is the main principle of the universe. Man as a small universe lives in the stream of the circling nature with or without consciousness.

The principle of heart-harmony is pulling the opponent's circles into yours in order to gain control over him.
In other words, this principle is to check out the stream of your opponent's movements and join your stream of movements with his and finally to put him into your desired stream of direction that you wish to make.


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We're Different

Look no further for a superb Taekwondo school! The instructors balance support, encouragement, and technique for all students to excel in skills, behavior, and cooperative competition. Both Masters (a highly-skilled Korean husband and wife team) have a long history of teaching experience and success, and it shows. In addition, guest masters and specialized instructors regularly visit to keep all students interested and engaged. Students help each other with training and cheer on individual success (they aren't even prompted, it's part of the way they encourage their friends). But the best thing about JKMA are the people. The kids are now beginning their third year of training, and the community has become part of our extended family. Both adults and kids have made great friends. It's a community of supportive and encouraging relationships both during and outside of class. It's the people that really make this place special.

Adam G.