Grand Master Jeon (Chun)

Our school was founded on the principle of commitment to teaching quality self-defense instruction to the general public.  We will help you reach your desired level of physical performance as well as increase your self-confidence.  

Learn Korean Martial Arts from a Korean Master who is the most qualified in the entire state! Many schools are taught by novice instructors with limited experience. Our school is taught by the Grand Master who is regarded as having one of the highest level of martial arts training in the area. In fact, many of the surrounding school instructors come to our school to learn new techniques. Learn directly from the Korean Master who can teach you quality techniques in no time! 
We are the finest school in Hollywood and Davie in Broward County and Miami area.  Our Test and Ranks are certified in the KHF, MMK & WTF internationally recognized ranking system.

We have classes for both adults and children. Because we realize adults and children have different needs, we will cater to each group with custom tailored teaching techniques and curriculum. Interested? Please come in for a FREE TRIAL lesson, and don't miss this great opportunity of training by Grand Master Jae D. Jeon (Chun).  

Mission Statement

we strive to develop the full potential in our students, enabling them to embrace the challenges of life more successfully, while setting the highest standard of excellence through Korean Martial Arts training.

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Welcome to the G. Master Jeon's Martial Arts!

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Hap Ki Do

  • Develop Physical Fitness
  • Build Self-Defense
  • Self-Confidence and Esteem
  • Be Prepared for Challenges
  • Overcome Everyday Stress


Former Korean Army Air Borne Ranger Team Head Coach.
8th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
8th Degree Black Belt Hap Ki Do

Founded Traditional Korean Martial Arts

Founded Jeon's Korean Martial Arts

2013 Martial Arts Hall of Fame

President of the Korea MooMooKwan Hapkido Association, Florida, USA

Professor of Martial Arts & Physical Education, Myongji University, Korea

Executive Tournament Director, 2017 

U.S. Open World Martial Arts Championship


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Tae Kwon Do

  • Develop a positive attitude
  • Improve coordination
  • Build Self-discipline
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Learn Respect